Conservative Neck Pain Treatment

When someone refers to “conservative neck pain treatment,” they mean a form of treatment that does not involve surgery. This could include any form of non-invasive therapy as well as some medications, massage therapy or neck support braces.

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Sciatica and Neck Pain

Though some neck pain may be the result of a sports injury or strain from other physical activity, sometimes the pain is caused by sciatica, or from an aggravation of the sciatic nerve. Though sciatica usually affects the lower part of the back, thighs, hips and buttocks, sometimes with pain extending down into the lower legs and feet, this pain may also sometimes radiate upward, into the shoulders or neck. This depends on where in the spine the aggravation may occur.

Though some may opt for surgery when suffering from severe or debilitating sciatica, there are treatment options that are less severe and that may alleviate the pain without the cost and recovery time of back surgery. Some of the more common sciatica treatments may include massage therapy, chiropractic therapy from a licensed chiropractor, and various exercises that one may perform, such as planks, bridges and other exercises that strengthen the back and abdominal muscles.

Pinched Nerve

Sometimes neck, upper back, and shoulder pain occurs from what is referred to as a pinched nerve. Pinched nerves can happen when there is a herniated spinal disk, or when muscles or tendons have become swollen to the point in which they rub against the sensitive nerve tissue.

Some of the causes of a pinched nerve include but are not limited to, injury, either from sports or strenuous physical activity, poor posture, an accident of some sort or obesity. Most pinched nerves do not require surgery and will eventually heal on their own but the therapies mentioned below may be helpful to alleviate the pain until the swelling surrounding the nerve or nerve tissue subsides.

As with sciatica, the symptoms can be alleviated through massage therapy, heat therapy, chiropractic therapy or over-the-counter pain relievers. Hot water pulsating massage, as from a shower-head, may also help alleviate the pain. If the pinched nerve occurred from a sports injury or physical overexertion, the best advice is rest, hot-and-cold therapy and not overusing or overworking that portion of the body while also using the above therapies.

The best way to alleviate back pain of any sort often simply involves not overworking the muscles, but should overexertion occur, rest and heat therapy may be most helpful. When in severe or debilitating pain, call a doctor or chiropractor, and always err on the side of caution.