Arm Pain

If I Have Arm Pain, How Does That Affect My Spine?

Three dimensional render of a human arm's skeletonThe simple answer is that it can. What affects the spine, no matter how minor can have a cascading effect upon the entire body and may be more than the arm pain you are currently feeling. You could have a pinched nerve in your neck but it is only causing your right arm pain and numbness, because the pressure that is pinching that nerve just happens to be on the right side.

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A pulled muscle in your lower back can seriously affect the way you walk, whether you are aware of it or not. Before you realize it, you are putting more strain on your left knee, for example, because walking that way causes less pain. Or, you might have fallen, twisting an ankle, and wake up the next morning with back pain because you pulled something trying to break your fall.

It only becomes a true mystery if you cannot obviously locate the source of the pain. There are a whole host of things that can cause mysterious arm pain without leaving a wound or bruise. A slight tear in the rotator cuff can cause pain and weakness in the affected arm. An insect bite may cause an allergic reaction in that arm, causing pain and swelling to occur.

Sometimes, it just happens by accident. Sleeping in a bed different than the one you are used to can cause you to sleep in an awkward position, causing muscle pain in the arm when you awake the next morning. Overusing muscles and joints on a regular basis can cause strains, pulls and slight tearing over time. And, there are times when we just have to admit that we are getting older, and cannot do what we used to do as easily.

Aging, in particular, is one of the biggest culprits that can cause mystery pains throughout our bodies. There is a medical condition known as spinal stenosis, that causes the bones of the spine to thicken as we age, placing pressure on the spinal nerve, and through it, in other parts of the body. The discs within the spinal column age as we do, becoming more fragile as time goes on. The chronic pain that develops from that condition can feel as if it is in other places throughout the body than where it is truly located.

What it comes down to is that if you have arm pain, of any duration or intensity, you need to go to the doctor or chiropractor and be examined to determine its origin. Any pain that involves the muscles, nerves and joints is not to be trifled with, for any reason. The simplest thing can become a major issue, and quickly.